Friday, January 18, 2013

to LOVE is to RISK

to love is to risk..

why is it always like this, and why is there someone you will fall in love with and not going to catch you. have you ever try to ask yourself why should i have to fall in love to the wrong person? or loving a wrong person can be stupid? am i stupid or it is the person i love?...  they say if your not willing to risk then you really don't like it.. same to love when you really don't want to risk for him/her, its mean you don really love him/her, but the question is..., is the person you are taking the risk with are also willing to take the risk for you? or how far they can go for you.. what if the person is not willing to risk anything for you... are you willing to take the risk and do the sacrifice? so think... are you????

think about it... is the person you love is worth taking the risk?

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