Friday, January 10, 2014


47 Ronin

  It caught my attention when one time in December 2013 I went to the mall and saw the poster, I think it’s an interesting movie, and finally watch it yesterday(Jan. 9, 2014).
 I’m not a fan of samurai or any Japanese Culture but this one give me interest about it, the costume, the character, the scenes, the effects, the music, its good, but it could be better, if they add more spice in some character, like the character of the Witch, additional witch craft activity, the Gun Man, is in the posters but only see with 1 scene, the Samurai of Lord Kira maybe more samurai fight scene, and Kai(Keanu Reeves) is really a Supporting Role only, I’m thinking that he is the lead role but it turn out that he is just a supporting role to Oishi. Oishi is the friend of Lord Asano and the Leader of the 47 Ronin, Also maybe they can put more activity to the character Chikara the son of Oishi who became the leader of Empire after the Death of his father. The movie is about the Revenge for the death of their Master, and a Death with Dignity and Honor, also with a bit of Comedy & Love Story. I saw the other movie of Keanu Reeves the Man of Tai Chi and this new movie is really far different ,  But anyway this movie is so good from what I expected. See it for you to know it.

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